Jean Scott-Moncrieff- aquamarine set in 18ct gold

Jean Scott-Moncrieff- aquamarine set in 18ct gold



wold n. field, open countryside
stone n. piece of rock; this shaped or polished; precious stone

Woldstone is a source of contemporary jewellery and silverware by studio goldsmiths and silversmiths. We are sisters and established Woldstonetogether in March 2015.

Growing up in Wales and Italy in the 70’s, we were influenced by the designs of the classical world and contemporary designers of the modern era. A trained textile designer and artist herself, Sian is passionate about design. I (Bronwen) have a background in the environmental sector and believe strongly in investing in long –lasting, heirloom pieces. Together we believe in seeking out collections by pioneering artists whose workmanship and timeless design can be enjoyed now and in the future.

For two years we operated a contemporary jewellery gallery/shop in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. As gallerists, our perspective of the art of jewellery designing and making was deeply enriched. We thank our customers, designers, collectors, enthusiasts and gallerists - you educated and inspired us. 

Now Woldstone is a resource for those who wish to know more about artisan, studio jewellery and silverware. We provide interviews and news about artisan jewellers through our blog posts and online gallery. We also curate exhibitions. And we help clients by connecting them with designers who chime with their style and wishes. 

We look forward to helping you with your contemporary jewellery and silverware enquiry and showing you more modern, thoughtful and  pioneering works.

Siân Perry-Smith and Bronwen Jameson