Father's Day at Woldstone

This Sunday June 21st is Father's Day. It is a day to celebrate and honour our fathers and father figures; perhaps with a meal, a phone call, a walk, a letter or a gift.

A very special man inspired the Woldstone window display this Father's Day. My father-in-law was a  gentle man, infused with optimism and a winning smile. He was  an engineer and a train fanatic. A man from the North East of England, Ted's informative years coinsided with the era of the record-setting Flying Scotsman. His Hornby replica of this flagship locomotive of the London and North Eastern Railway now sits proudly in the shop. 


But what gift for Father's Day? Yesteryear, custom required our forebears to grace a shirt with cufflinks and a tie with a pin. Today, we are liberated from convention and we combine the formal with the informal, expressing our individuality as we do. We wear pins and brooches on Harris tweed, fine wool, denim and canvas. Brooches customise and adorn rucksacks, holdalls, hats and bags as well as clothing. Cufflinks and tie-pins have never fallen from grace in the office or for formal occasion.

Woldstone has a selection of sterling silver accessories and jewellery, some embellished with gems and 18ct gold detailing, some in simple and striking design using precious metals, wood and slate and some with surface texture to playfully catch the light. All are elegant and hand wrought in the finest of materials by studio goldsmiths and silversmiths. Please pop to Woldstone at 25 Oxford Street, Woodstock to see....