What You Can Do To Avoid STDs During Sex

STDs are sexually transmitted diseases that get transmitted when having intercourse. Also, note that some of these infections happen with skin-to-skin touching. In the US, more than 20 million new STD infections occur each year. And this tells you of the risk you are at when having sex, especially with escorts. However, if people could take the necessary measures when having sex, most of these infections can get to be avoided.

Since more than 80% of the earth population finds it impractical to try abstaining, there are steps one can take when having sex to prevent the STDs. These include;

1. Talking Honestly with Your Partner

The first step to having good sex is practicing honest talks with each other. These should consist of whether anyone among you has previously had STDs infections, or practiced unprotected sex. It should also include getting tested along with your partner before the actual sex. With honest talks, you’re able to set the necessary precautions to avoid the spread of infections when you’re not sure about each other. And since not to all infected with STDs will know about it, it’s necessary to take a check-up.

2. Practice Safe Sex

In case you’re still new to each other, having protected sex is all we recommend. You can consider using polyurethane or latex barrier in all categories of sex you do practice. For example,

• Make sure to use condoms and dental dams when performing oral sex,
• You can also consider using gloves in case of manual penetration, and also,
• Consider using female and male condoms when you’re having intercourse with your partner.

After sex, we recommend that you do rinsing off your genitals. And this is more practical in case you get laid with adult escorts. Rinsing helps in eliminating any form of infections from your skin. For women, try urinating after sex as it reduces the chances of getting infected along the urinary tract.

3. Proper Use of the Condoms

Correct use of condoms helps increase their effectiveness and at the same time reduce chances of infection. Make sure to observe the expiry dates. The condom should also not be punctured and should get putted on correctly. Also, hold onto the condom when withdrawing to make sure it doesn’t slip off. After use, dispose of it correctly and do not consider reusing.

Some STDs that you can get infected with include syphilis, HPV, gonorrhea, and genital herpes. Consider practicing safe sex, and the steps above, for a chance to keep safe from such infections.

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